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Benefits of Abdominal Massage and Self Care for Massage Therapists


Why does my menstrual cycle make my back hurt?

Why do I get constipated during times of intense stress?

The abdominal area is one of the most overlooked parts of the body in general massage education. Most therapists are taught to avoid it, disregard it, or fear it.  Instead of viewing this zone of the body as an area of contraindications, learn how it can be the key to unlocking emotional and physical armoring in one’s self, and how to identify these patterns in your client population. Learn simple self care techniques you can easily perform to keep your own abdominal health optimized.  


We will:

  • Recognize traditional healing techniques with an abdominal focus

  • List three vital organs and structures located within the abdominal and pelvic cavity, and state how they interact with each other

  • Describe how abdominal and pelvic organs can affect the function of the skeletal structure and skeletal muscles, and vice versa

  • Define “emotional armoring”

  • Identify patterns of emotional armoring in their own bodies, and utilize simple self massage techniques to cause somatic response in their own bodies

  • Recognize similar patterns of emotional armoring in their clients, and how these patterns may be transferred or reflected in the practitioner  

  • Discuss traditional healing techniques centered around the abdomen and pelvis

  • Perform an abdominal self-massage technique on their own bodies with attention to abdominal and pelvic anatomy and an awareness of emotional armoring 

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