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Stretching 101


Stretching a client during a regular massage session can be incredibly beneficial for the client and create lasting results. Reasons why therapists may shy away from incorporating stretching into a session are because of draping concerns, the level of comfort within the therapeutic relationship, or because the client did not request a “sports massage”


Stretching is not just for athletes or deep tissue work.


During this 4 hour course, attendees will come away with a deeper knowledge of the art and science of stretching, and how to incorporate stretching into every session.


Massage tables, sheets, and your favorite oil or cream are required for this course.


After attending this course you will be able to:

•     Clearly explain and demonstrate how to communicate with a client about the benefits of stretching

•     Clearly demonstrate how to incorporate stretching into a session while using proper draping techniques

•     Clearly explain and demonstrate what style of stretching works best with their client and when it is indicated during a session

•     Clearly explain when stretching is contraindicated

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