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Advanced Cupping Techniques for the Upper Extremities


Cupping therapy, commonly referred to as “cupping”, has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Cupping therapy has shown to increase ROM and local circulation, decrease pain, and create ease in the body. During this 4-hour course, attendees will:

· Review the anatomy of the upper extremities

· Learn how to approach a client about cupping therapy for upper extremity conditions

· Learn the importance of post session care for the client

· Understand the indications and contraindications of cupping for the upper extremities

· Understand difference between using the cups as a stationary tool, and sliding the cups to work the fascia and soft tissues of the upper extremities

· Learn how to integrate this bodywork modality into a massage session, while staying within our scope of practice

We will examine and show applications of various styles of cupping therapy to the upper extremities to reduce the discomfort of upper extremity dysfunction. After a review of the anatomy, attendees will be able to observe various applications of cupping as well as practice with partners to learn the differences between lighter and deeper cupping applications to increase ROM, decrease pain, and create ease in the upper extremities.

*Massage tables, linens, lubricant for the skin, and cups are required for this course.

StrongHouse Studio
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