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Getting Comfortable Working with the Shoulder Girdle

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During this class, participants will learn to safely and effectively work with the shoulder girdle when indicated while staying within the scope of practice. We will review the anatomy of the entire shoulder girdle. We will discuss the indications and contraindications of massage therapy for shoulder girdle disfunction, along with when and who to refer out to when indicated. Attendees will view hands on demonstration with the instructor, and practice with each other with supervision to gain confidence in safely integrating specific and effective shoulder girdle work into a massage session.

By the end of the class participants will be able to:

1. Identify the anatomy of the shoulder joint by visual recognition

2. Safely and comfortably palpate the shoulder girdle

3. Communicate with a client about the benefits of deeper shoulder massage

4. Determine which musculature to address when assessing the client

5. Determine when shoulder girdle massage is contraindicated

6. Refer to proper healthcare provider when indicated

7. Begin to confidently and effectively address dysfunctional shoulder issues

Please bring clean linens, massage lubricant/product.  Tables, bolster and stools will be provided.

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