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Establishing Raport: Creating A Genuine Connection

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How to avoid being fake and sales-y and providing a therapeutic session that meets everyone’s needs - the client, the therapist, and the company.


Establishing rapport with clients is essential to building a therapeutic relationship in a massage therapy setting.  This relationship can lead to repeat and regular scheduling of a client which strengthens the therapeutic relationship and enhances the benefits and outcomes for the client and the therapist.  A client base built on repeat clients is more rewarding/fulfilling for the therapist, decreases the emotional labor and time involved in onboarding new clients and decreases marketing costs while stabilizing income for all involved.  

In this course, we provide an examination of what establishing rapport means and how it can be applied within a massage therapy session/client relationship in any setting. This class is designed to offer information about the concepts of establishing rapport, demonstrate skills involved and offer students the opportunity to identify and practice how they can best apply these skills in their interactions with clients.  

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