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Using Digital Tools and Platforms to Support a Massage Therapy Practice


Did you make a plan before you started using digital tools, websites, online scheduling in your practice?  Yeah, neither did I.  This class will help you step back and look at the bigger picture.  It can help build your new practice or help with an existing practice that needs a boost or new systems. Explore WHY you might use digital tools and platforms and what to consider when deciding which ones to use.

Delve into what digital tools and platforms are and how they can support you, your clients and your practice.  We will discuss how to asses and decide which tools and platforms may fit you, your practice and your client's needs and  set up a plan to integrate  new tools and platforms into your digital system.

This class covers:

  • Discuss what digital tools and platforms are, what you are using, and which you want to integrate into your practice.

  • Understand why certain digital tool and platforms may or may not be optimal for your practice.

  • Determine and discuss why the digital tools and platforms are/are NOT working.

  • Determine if what you are doing is keeping your clients engaged.

  • Creating a work flow for your practice weaving together the what you are already using and what you want to add (or let go of)

Why would you want to use digital tools and platforms in your massage therapy practice?

● Saves time

● Brings more clients to the table

● Allows you to fine tune your practice

● Makes it easier for clients to schedule

● Improves communication between the client and the therapist

● Amplifies your reach into the community

● Provides information about your practice to inform strategic planning

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