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The Iliopsoas Complex 


Hip and low back pain are two of the most common complaints that massage therapists address on a daily basis. Let's get a little deeper into our practice and get comfortable working with the Iliopsoas complex.

Quite often, common trigger point patterns and fascial connections of the Iliopsoas can create dysfunctional breathing along with discomfort anywhere in the abdominopelvic region. 

  • Review the anatomy of the entire abdominopelvic region

  • Create a deeper understanding of the kinesiological aspects of the Iliopsoas

  • Learn how to advise clients how to improve the function of the Iliopsoas, and who to refer out to when no longer within our scope of practice

  • Have a deeper understanding of how the Iliopsoas integrates movement with stabilization

  • Understand the indications and contraindications of addressing the Iliopsoas

  • Have time to practice effectively addressing the iliopsoas prone, supine, and side-lying.


*Massage tables, linens, and lubricant for the skin, are required for this course

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